7 Things You Can Do with Dehydrated Orange Slices and Peels

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If you haven’t gotten into the habit yet, I highly encourage dehydrating orange slices and peels. I love cutting up a few oranges and dehydrating them every so often, as I can keep them in my cabinet and pull them out every so often for decoration or a garnish. There are so many things to do with dehydrated orange slices and peels.

Especially if you’re an orange lover, holding on to orange peels can be extremely useful. There are many uses for orange peels, but dried orange peels in particular last long and can be used for so many different things. I try to hold on to orange peels as we eat them and dehydrate them in the oven to store them long term.

7 Things You Can Do with Dehydrated Orange Slices and Peels

Holiday Garland

You can easily make dehydrated orange slices into a beautiful Holiday Garland or Christmas tree ornament. After dehydrating, simply string slices together and wrap around your tree. An orange slice garland doesn’t just have to be for the tree, you can hang it off a mantle, coffee table, windowsill, or on the wall. You’ll impress your guests, your home will smell beautiful, and you will be able to put extra oranges to use.

Mulling Spices

Nothing quite hits the spot like mulled wine or cider. I love keeping some of my dried orange slices specifically for the winter, so I can make plenty of excuses to mull wine and cider! Simply mix some dried orange peels with cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Then heat slowly on a stove with wine or cider.


Easily add dried orange slices or peels to other dried goods such as flowers, pine cones, and spices for a beautiful bounty of potpourri.

Garnish for a Beverage

Dried orange slices can placed on the rim of a glass to garnish a beautiful winter cocktail or beverage. You can even throw the orange slices into the drink as well for a nice twist.

Make Dried Orange Peel Zest

Once you dry out our orange slices, you can grind them in a blender or coffee grinder, and keep it in your cabinet whenever orange zest is needed in baking recipes.

Added to a Homemade Candle

If you’re looking for a fun DIY project, dried orange slices and orange peels can be a fun way to spice up home-made candles. You can either grind them and mix them into the wax, or break up chunks to accent the outer side of the candle. Too much of a DIY task? Doesn’t mean you can’t still get the same effect! Dried orange slices can be a great decor surrounding a candle in a hurricane candle holder.

Make Orange Flavored Salt or Sugar

Once you have your orange peels completely dried, you can easily grind them in a blender or coffee grinder. Once ground into small bits, mix with salt or sugar for flavoring. Want to go the extra mile? You can even add orange peel bits to a sugar scrub or lip balm.

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