Is Your Exercise Hurting You? Try Joyful Movement

Disordered versus healthy exercise

Disordered exercise is much more common than you think. Jillian Michaels most recent public shaming of a widely celebrated celebrity is a perfect example.

That’s because Jillian Michaels promoted disordered and unhealthy exercise on the show The Biggest Loser. Contestants enrolled in rigorous and constant exercise regimes, and restricted to eat an unsustainable small amount of food. Naturally the shows producers, trainers, and audience members glamorized this extremely unhealthy method of weight loss, unaware of what was to come next.

After every finale, contestants regained all of their weight. And not because they were lazy.

Why? Because when you deprive your body of food and overexercise it, you essentially slow down its metabolism. The only contestants on the show who didn’t regain all of their lost weight still regained plenty. They were only able to prevent a complete regain due to becoming personal trainers and exercising… well their entire work day.

A infographic describing the difference between disordered and healthy exercise

In the United States, diet culture drives our relationship with exercise. If we don’t look like the “thin ideal” it’s our fault and we simply aren’t exercising enough. It promotes negative body image, is driven by shame, and defines your worth as a person. It’s no wonder our exercise habits as a society yo-yo and never seem to be sustainable.

If you’re comfortable with this negative relationship with exercise, you may be wondering why re-framing our relationship with exercise matters. You may wonder how it’s unhealthy. That’s why I’m hosting a free webinar on January 31st 11AM PST/2PM EST titled “Discovering Joyful Movement”.

In this 60 minute webinar we’ll explore:

  • Diet culture’s definition of exercise and why it’s harmful
  • Why humans need exercise
  • Definition of joyful movement and why it’s helpful
  • Foundational skills to develop and happy and healthy relationship with exercise

Click the photo below to register for this FREE webinar, Discovering Joyful Movement

Discovering Joyful movement webinar

Worried You Can’t Attend?

That’s fine too! I’ll be emailing all registered attendees a recording of the webinar!

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