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Kohlrabi Slaw

img_3317Welcome! My name is Stephanie Voytek and I’m a Seattle-based Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist..

I’m passionate about educating others on sustainable, balanced eating habits to improve overall health and well being.

Most importantly, I want to make eating healthy easy and fun to help get rid of the ‘dieting’ mentality. I firmly believe that all foods fit, and that good nutrition looks different for every person.

My interest in food started at a young age as I was raised by a chef. As a young picky eater, my dad taught me the benefits of different foods to try to help me broaden my palate. My mother worked hard to provide healthy food for us, stressing the importance of preventing diseases later in life.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve witnessed the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. However, I’ve also seen how some people’s efforts to eat healthier become complicated, stressful, and unachievable. As a result, I strive to make living healthy easy and enjoyable. My goal in nutrition is to help individuals develop a happy and healthy relationship with food. Dietitian holding three chayote squash

As you can see, I post a wide variety of foods from salads to desserts. I believe that the best way to have a healthy, balanced diet is to truly enjoy all of your foods. The best foods we can eat are fresh, in season, and locally grown. Although I think fresh foods are incredibly important, I also believe that when you indulge you must eat foods you truly enjoy. A balanced, mindful diet nourishes your body physically and mentally. 

Where did “That Certain Touch” come from?

That Certain Touch was originally the name of my parents catering business established in 1984. The older us kids became, the more the business dissipated, but it’s existence was the foundation of my relationship with food.

When I started blogging, I struggled coming up with a name. My coworkers and friends commented on my “healthy” lunches. They wondered how I was able to make healthy food look delicious. I explained I was just adding that certain touch. Hence, my parents business name was reborn.

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